whats better composite decking solid or hallow

how good are birth by sleep and chain of memories

for kingdom hearts hd i.5 ii.5 remix on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled 'how good are birth by sleep and chain of memories?'.

best bow in the game???

im a dexterity guy so the long bow is really good at 15 but ive come across this composite bow that has a base power of 137 as opposed to the 90 of the long bow but the composite has a stat bonus of c dexterity compared to the s that the long bow has so if i am an all out dexterity guy which one is better? and overall which bow is best in the game?

sasuke vs magneto, storm, and iron man

especially when you know you're ignorant evident by the fact that you refuse to create composite sasuke vs composite storm out of blatant fear of it being locked you might want to give animevice

obi-wan kenobi vs quinlan vos and tholme

obi-wan kenobi vs quinlan vos and tholme power droids destroyed equipment and shattered girders and unleashed a torrent of red-hot debris that crashed to the deck, crushing droids on all sides

superman vs marvel team

the superman highballing here is ridiculous, as is the marvel lowballing. atheistknowledge: hyperion feat wise is easily hulk level, he alone has what it takes to go either way.

kingdom hearts hd 2.5 remix

the method i use in writing a guide is simply to describe the actions i take during the game. there may be better strategies for bosses or quicker routes to reach a certain area but what i write is my experience during my first playthrough. at times, i'll provide what worked and didn't work as i attempted to beat the game standard mode

anakin skywalker vs darth caedus

anakin skywalker rots vs darth caedus. round 1 is sabers with force augmentation only, which takes place in the hangar of the death star where vader fought old ben.

iron man vs naruto uzumaki

look at bottom right panel, chakra flames is leaving naruto's head there. so light fang doesn't cut naruto's head band strip at all. even if we assume it cut, his head band strip was behind his head.

new dvd and blu-ray releases

ex-gang member, john henry terry crews , traded violence for a quieter life taking care of his aging father ken foree in south los angeles. henry meets two immigrant children running from his former gang leader chris ludacris' bridges and has to decide whether to revisit his troubled past to help give the two children a better future.

what's your favourite video game?

tparks: . when ffviii came out i was a 19 year old college student who was a quiet jerk due to abandonment and trust issues, needless to say i saw where squall was coming from.

starcraft vs star wars

the sc is better in quality, but are greatly outnumbered. eu sw stomps the shit out of sc. much better calcs, hundreds of times more ships, troops, vehicles, everything. same with leaders. canon

cav sfw solid snake vs higorm archangel

solid snake sirfizzwhizz archangel higormrulesarchangel is 616 canon.solid snake is canon version.standard gear.death or ko.battle here starting 100

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

through the middle runs a hollow bolt into which your pick is inserted. this bolt is held in place by from one very easy locks to five very hard locks tumblers. you may attempt to automatically open the lock using the auto attempt but-ton, or you may pick the lock manually. move the pick under a tumbler and push up to push the tumbler out of the bolt. the tumblers are spring-loaded and

lords of the fallen for playstation 4 reviews

lords of the fallen provides players with a solid experience and fun combat system, but it never provides enough reason to care about anything else.it's a shame as the game does have a lot of potential. with a little more polish and tweaks done to the story and balance, lords of the fallen could be a great title. right now though, it isn't.

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

* in between the side areas, you'll climb some ramps around the central hollow core of the tower. first up in blood feast, as in most sigil keeps, is the rending halls. enter and climb the ramp, which takes a 90-degree turn. at the top, kill the daedra and use the blood fountain for some health regeneration. re-enter the tower core through one of the two doors to the south. climb a ramp around

cav: batman cib vs. elite predator sfw

whats better is this is an out of WPC feat and bruce was already slightly injured. batman vol. 2 35 batman vol. 2 35 scan 4: lady shivas kick deals zero damage with a kick to the face.

lex luthor vs. captain marvel carol danvers

yeah i guess so. although he put up a decent fight against a full power superman in action comics 957. he probably loses to iron man though, especially tony's best armours.

cav lord boros geeman2 vs general tao pai pai

lords boros, dominator of the universe. vs. general tao, the mercenary rules of the bout. composite manga and anime feats for lord boros. composite cyborg tao, manga and anime feats apply.