why is laminate flooring so cold

kitchen renovation

we saved some money by using laminate for the counter-tops vice granite or corian . i wanted sinks that were flush with the counter top no lip , to make cleanup easier. we found some swedish sinks that are set into the laminate tops, so there is a seamless transition between the counter and the sink like with corian . the sinks were


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countertop material: granite vs. solid surface

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dr. oz

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best countertop surfaces

it sounds like people have similar hot and cold feelings towards corion. i think you need to go farther than just choosing a surface and do research into the exact product or stone type you want because that's where the varying opinions seem to come from. that being said, i'm putting in glazed white cabinets, walnut flooring, black and white tile back splash and stainless appliances. does

do you really like the look of stainless steel appliances

so we did the opposite. we have hardwood on the entire first floor except the kitchen. we did a grayish laminate with foggy patches of blue, we have laminate countertops that are a crazy dark blue with swirls, our cabinets are maple, and our appliances are black. only the super-sized double sink is white.

how fragile are granite countertops?

also keep in mind, most granite or any stone for that matter, has cracks or areas likely to crack due to stresses. that's why you see so many stone countertops with a glass fiber reinforced backing. this is particularly true of the more exotic configurations of stone with bold patterns or veins running through them. if i were to make an

toxic laminate wood floors: are they making you sick?

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marble and making fresh pasta

i make my pasta on my formica-covered 50's kitchen table and i've never yet had an issue. marble is for pastry, when you want the butter or shortening in it kept cold and solid. pasta is made with eggs and water, both of which are liquid ish , so no need to keep it cold.

i think mice ate through my dishwasher supply line

so, all in all the damage is cost and time plus the minor floor damage all that collected water does if i don't mop-up. but heck, its cold that's my reasoning to delay any repairs until of course

help: what's the right countertop?

but i strongly dislike granite too hard, cold and shiny and i'm not really into the patterning . my favorite look so far is pyrolave enamelled lavastone but it seems like its going to be very expensive and would take too long to obtain from the supplier. so, i guess i like a more matte, opaque finish, as pyrolave provides. any suggestions

should i stop baking with pyrex?

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conker: live and reloaded

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viewers demand answers after lumber liquidators report

viewers demand answers after lumber liquidators report 'so what can we do?' one viewer tweeted about the risk of formaldehyde exposure. 'i have my daughter in a room with laminate on the list'

broken sword: the sleeping dragon

there is a safe tucked under the desk, which was still in use. the rotting floor beneath it had begun to buckle under the weight. seeing as how we can`t open the safe, maybe we can knock the floor away and break it open? the best idea would be to do that from the floor below though, so head back downstairs. start walking back towards where the

dr. oz

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using pre-finished wood flooring in a kitchen

i think you will find that water is the biggest enemy of this floor, so you need to pay attention if it gets wet. i really like this floor much more than tile or stone, and i will probably put the same floor in my next kitchen when the time comes. it is warm looking and easier on your legs that those cold, unforgiving surfaces. about the only

kitchen comfort, up and down

floor coverings - you need to think of comfort, durability, appearance and cleaning. vinyl flooring. it's hard to beat. it's comfortable, durable, easy to keep clean, affordable and friendly for