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chicago on the cheap

chicago on the cheap. october 1, 2008 / 12:00 pm / cbs/ap chicago has a reputation as a working-class city for a reason. sure, there are fancy gold coast shops and $500-a-night hotel suites, but

street fighter: 30th anniversary collection

the success of the game was very small and it sold for a lofty price of $50. very few fans and critics still gave the game a decent review and thought it turned out fairly well, and i was one of those fans. the game didn't feature the perfect switch out, that we've all come to love, but at least capcom did make an effort to apply that to the home conversion. you can switch out as normal as the

2015 cannes film festival recap and reviews

lászló nemes debut feature came out of nowhere to stun viewers at this years festival. with formal rigor, the film follows saul ausländer géza röhrig , a hungarian member of auschwitz-birkenaus sonderkommando, a group of jewish prisoners isolated from the camp and forced to assist the nazis in the machinery of extermination.

tomb raider: underworld

turn to your right slightly and look down to see what looks like a bar of gold sitting on the rock. this is what all treasure looks like in this game, so its not very hard to miss at all. pick it up, and head for the entrance of the temple. treasure 1/8 before you head inside, look at the rock formation just off to the right and spot another bar. snag it as well, then head inside. treasure

25 best iphone and ipad games

our 'quarterly reports' provide a handy list of the 25 best games for each platform, both for the current year so far and for all time. there's a separate report for each platform, and they will be updated again during the first week in april.. best-reviewed ios games of all time

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

the barter gold a merchant has is, essentially, the limit of what you can sell that merchant per transaction. e.g. if the merchant has 800 gold and you have three pairs of boots the merchant would normally pay you 400 gold for, you cannot sell all three to the merchant in one transaction 1200 gold total . you could sell them one at a time, or

what's the most helpful cat?

kung fu cat may seem appealing at first but its high price to obtain, slow attack animation and long pauses between attacks make him mediocre. the only special cat worth buying is the samba cat. in sol, until you get crazed wall and crazed cat, macho and wall aren't going to hold off everything. you'll need a 3rd meat shield and samba fits right in. samba is actually boogie cat

persona 4 golden walkthrough and guide

by registering personas, you can recall them at any time for a price. you must re-register as the persona levels up and gains more skills to keep what it has learned, but doing so increases the price. skill cards. skill cards can be given to any persona you own to learn that skill. you can register skill cards to buy as many copies as you want

trending tonight tv guide

on gold-rich ground, parker leases the largest dry blower in the area, but learning heavy equipment on the job puts teammates at risk. team turin shuts down birdseye mine and reveals new details

hollywood up for auction

the purple taffeta on left features a dark red silk lining, gold embroidery, black brocade underskirt, lace sleeves, a hook-and-eye and button closure at the rear, a bustle of creme colored fabric