best above ground pool deck surface

shadow man

if you found the rope- switch on the wall at ground level in this room , there will be a rope leading from this to another entrance across on the opposite wall. follow this rope to a cave with various platforms on the walls. on your left as you enter is a ledge that you can jump up to that leads to a small cave in the wall guarded by one of those weird little two-headed creatures , and there

american mcgee's alice

it is easiest to do this from the left side. the bottom turning plank is actually three planks, the first and third tilting forward and back ward, the middle tilting from left to right. at the third platform, stay on the end further back until the frontward end lifts above being level with the ground in front of the door. run and jump when you

challenge tombs

once you resume control in the pool of water after the current, climb onto the ledge to northwest, then scramble up the wall and grab the craggy wall above. follow the craggy wall right, jump right to the hand-hold, then shimmy to the end and jump over to another craggy wall. climb up this and over the top onto flat ground above.

disney's extreme skate adventure

if you are at ground level, and you use the teleporter over by the elephant, it says it's teleported you to 'treehouse deck.' when you are inside the treehouse, ollie out of the door that is a straight drop down to the deck below. it is best to aim for the branch below and in front of the doorway. *special note* the area you must pass through

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this full-resolution self-portrait shows the deck of nasa's curiosity rover from the rover's navigation camera. the back of the rover can be seen at the top left of the image, and two of the rover

fallout 4

take him out and grab his fat man and look down onto the roof below to locate and kill the gunner with a missile launcher. that lower roof is a god place to take out the two turrets covering the entry below. up to four gunners also prowl near the entry and some can be targeted from above. descend to the ground to mop-up any survivors.

god of war hd

now he will charge at you again. you need to stun him so that he jumps away approximately four or five times. after that each time you stun him he will temporarily curl up on the ground and the circle item will appear above his head, so knowing that this will happen immediately after you stun him jump down and start running to the top. press

uncharted 4: a thief's end

another wave will enter the area, but ignore them and follow sam and elena and then run for your life until nate is separated from the others. swim through the hole in the ship and up to the surface for a breath and then dive again and head through another hole on the lower level and surface once again. there's no time to stop as the ship is


i find it's best to shoot it at the ground underneath a group of enemies or on a wall next to them because if you do hit a monster the 'mine' disappears with the corpse. with the quad damage pickup or card activated weapon modifier , the grenade launcher shoots incendiary grenades.' v1.10 contribution ----- /=====\ 2.3.3

far cry

the best weapon to take them out is, from my experience, the shotgun. strafing is the key when battling the smaller mutants. they are very quick to the punch, so youve got to be one step ahead of them in battle. essentially youve got put as much distance between yourself and the mutant as quickly as possible, and this is done through strafing. use it wisely, though, as your strafe meter

tom clancy's splinter cell double agent

surface until your head is above water to check if it is safe. exit the water toward the sideways boat. head into the larger body of water. swim toward the tanker and to the right. there is what can best be describe as an ice dock on this side of the tanker. checkpoint. climb the rope to the deck of the tanker. the jba wants you to disable the tanker's crew in order to take control of the ship

tomb raider: underworld

on the left side, hang off and drop down to the very bottom ledge, quickly shimmy right before the ledge crumbles away and make it to safe ground. climb up to the beam above you and follow it along, be carefull as the long section will also crumble as you walk along. at the end, climb down, kill any more thralls and follow the path. climb up on