colorado fence to withstand high wind

solar 'superstorm' just missed earth in 2012

the nasa spacecraft stereo-a was able to withstand a full blast of solar radiation near the sun without harm. but not all satellites currently in use would survive. and stereo will need to take a

nik wallenda, american daredevil, walks tightrope across

in 2016, american explorer sam cossman, wearing a special suit to withstand the extreme temperatures, descended to the depths of the crater. in 1538, friar blas del castillo also made a descent

kennedy space center bracing for hurricane dorian

nasa civil servants and contractors at the kennedy space center in florida are bracing for high winds and rain from hurricane dorian.ahead of the storm, they are securing rocket stages, spacecraft

intentional breach weighed as isaac batters la.

intentional breach weighed as isaac batters la. my fence is down, and water is blowing through the sockets in my house from the back wall,' nungesser said in a phone call to wwl-tv. 'that only

mercury mission: two spacecraft launching on seven-year

the $1.9 billion bepicolombo project is only the second, after nasa's messenger mission, to attempt putting a spacecraft into orbit around the solar system's innermost planet, one of the most

hurricane preparedness gets high tech in fort myers

hurricane preparedness gets high tech in fort myers, florida . by michael kassner in networking on june 21, 2016, 3:27 pm pst in the heart of florida's hurricane country, lee county's emergency

off my mind: the dangers of flash's new powers

how many times have people discussed what the best superpower would be? often super-strength or flight are at the top of the list. people looking for

typhoon kong-rey, hurricane walaka: japan, south korea

the japan meteorological agency said thursday that kong-rey has maximum sustained winds of 78 mph with gusts up to 112 mph. it was heading north at about 12 mph. it was heading north at about 12 mph.

u.s. border wall section in calexico, california falls

a new section of border wall between the u.s. and mexico fell over amid high winds on wednesday, u.s. customs and border protection said. a portion of the wall in calexico, california landed on

avoid areas near construction cranes, miami officials warn

avoid areas near construction cranes, miami officials warn ahead of irma . updated on: september 6, 2017 / 12:37 am / cbs news irma forecast . miami -- hurricane irma is churning across the

columbia disaster: 1 year later

after the brief outdoor ceremony, one by one, they walked up to the memorial and tucked the red, yellow, peach and ivory-colored roses in the white grating of the fence. many wiped away tears.

japan's chernobyl? quake sparks meltdown fears

cbs/ap japan's top government spokesman says a partial meltdown is likely under way at the second damaged reactor of a quake-damaged nuclear complex, as authorities frantically tried to prevent

grimm season 5 finale review

grimm s05e21 and s05e22: 'the beginning of the end parts i and ii'. i wanted to hate this episode. i wanted to hate it so much. with the finale out of the way, let the record officially show that i

one of world's strongest storms slams philippines

vietnamese authorities in four central provinces began evacuating more than 500,000 people from high risk areas to government buildings, schools and other concrete homes able to withstand strong

border wall prototypes take shape at san diego

bidding guidelines call for the prototypes to stand between 18 and 30 feet 5.5 and 9.1 meters high and be able to withstand at least an hour of punishment from a sledgehammer, pickaxe, torch

interloper character

interloper can withstand high caliber bullts, great impact forces, exposure to extremes in temperature and pressure, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.

falling down

a construction crew works on a fallen section of the u.s.-mexico border wall on january 29, 2020. newly installed pieces of the wall in calexico, california, toppled in high winds, landing on

hurricane irma: high winds cause cranes to collapse in miami

can miami cranes withstand hurricane irma? high-rise residents who choose to ride out irma are being told to move to their building's interior, not just because of the cranes but also to avoid

spacex to resume launches from rebuilt pad

spacex to resume launches from rebuilt pad. by william harwood december 8, 2017 / 4:25 pm / cbs news spacex explosion . more than a year after a spectacular preflight explosion that destroyed a

chris ledoux

lyrics to 'colorado' by chris ledoux. i look out to the east of the colorado sky the canyons are throwin' dust in the storms eye and the storms gettin' angry i know that its so it's fixin' to blow a little more of colorado

houston told to 'hunker down' for big ike

houston told to 'hunker down' for big ike. september 11, 2008 / 7:40 am / cbs/ap cars and trucks streamed inland and chemical companies buttoned up their plants thursday as a gigantic hurricane

hurricane irma devastates caribbean as it roars toward florida

hurricane irma cuts path of devastation across northern caribbean, hits seven trust with heavy wind on track that could lead to catastrophic strike on florida

nasa's solar probe plus spacecraft to fly to the sun

nasa's solar probe plus spacecraft to fly to the sun . by laura geggel february 28, 2017 / 1:31 pm / humans have sent spacecraft to the moon, mars and even distant interstellar

extreme cold weather: midwest braces for frigid

even the fabled 'frozen tundra' of lambeau field, home to the nfl's green bay packers, wasn't able to withstand the heavy snow and wind that closed hundreds of businesses, schools and government

kennedy space center braces for hurricane irma

nasa's iconic vehicle assembly building, the cavernous structure where saturn 5 moon rockets and space shuttles were once assembled, was designed in the 1960s to withstand hurricane-force winds

angel salvadore character

angel salvadore is a mutant with an insectoid physiology including insectiod wings. once a student at xavier's institute, she was depowered on m-day. she then joined the new warriors as tempest.

kennedy space center braces for hurricane matthew

launch pads and critical facilities at the kennedy space center and the cape canaveral air force station are braced for the onslaught of hurricane matthew overnight thursday into friday, one of