estimate to paint wrought composite fence

battlefield hardline

with practice you'll learn to estimate distances based on how large the enemy appears in your scope image and measured against the scope reticle - this will be easier if you stick with using the same scope same magnification . bf4's range-finder attachment and pld portable laser designator gadget could be used to measure distances but these

elder scrolls scenario the worthy

elder scrolls scenario the worthy 326 results; 1 and the ornate wrought-iron railing tastefully complements the mellow lighting provided by the many candles and lamps adorning the room

growlanser generations

at the moment i'm not even sure how to get a mission complete on this fight so unless you can figure it out you'll have to settle for a mission clear. there's one giant enemy at the north side, i would estimate he has upwards of 2000 hp. you'll need to begin the battle by casting cycle up and attack up on all your characters. ignore the yungs

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white house budget official broke ranks to testify 'porn literacy' class picks up where standard sex ed leaves off; john bel edwards wins louisiana governor's election

elder scrolls scenario

vyunaar - old man. the old man the italic words below are spoken by him speaking is accompanied by a rather large man cloaked from head to toe in an unknown metal; his posture remains constant.


you can use these facilities while fighting the goblins, and will kill 7 goblins inside the fenced village, 7 more along the se fence, shooting in or yelling at you, and another 12 plus an orc along the front and rear fences, all in small groups, and finally another 5 on road going nw from village, but still very close to it. watch for 'quest

half-life 2

i created a composite and added my own technique to them, for example, by combining the ravenholm roof trick to a modified ravenholm with dog's ball tactic i provide a somewhat different approach to the chapter. 1.1 mouse up till 6/18/16 i had been using my 4 yr. old logitech m510 and for the most part it was a fine mouse. however, i began experiencing problems with it and my 7 yr old ms


the quick way is through the toll gate. if you haven't completed the 'rescue prince ali' quest yet, you'll have to pay the 10 g toll. if you don't want to pay the toll, you have to follow the road north and turn to the right to get to the gap in the desert fence to reach al-kharid. once you've reached the tanner, you'll have to pay him 1 g per

the elder scrolls iv: oblivion

based on analysis of the surviving trance scrolls, as well as murals and friezes from alessian temples, i estimate that the alessian order actually lasted only about 150 years, rather than the famous 'one thousand and eight years' given by the encyclopedia tamrielica. the 'mystery' of the millennial-plus rule of the alessians was accepted but

command and conquer 3: kane's wrath

the problem they lies beyond the fence, there are obelisks of light near the ion shield research center that will zap your commando without a fret. you need to shut down the power and this is down at the power plants located to your left and right after you have entered the gate. keep to the wall below you, or the one to your right, and stay out of range of that obelisk. use your commando to

kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix

if you have spray paint, press the square button to switch to paint mode. ----- build mode ----- assemble the gummi blocks to build a gummi ship in this mode. press the square button to select the entire ship. use the right analog stick to rotate the construction area. use the left analog stick to rotate the ship. press the triangle to delete the ship. press the l1 button to move the selected

the elder scrolls iii: morrowind

the monster faded away like a painting in sunlight, still blinking confusedly. mynistera embraced her dark elf pupil, laughing with delight. 'i never would have believed it, a month and a day you've been with the coven, and you're already far more advanced than most of the women here. there is powerful blood in you, turala, you touch spirits like you were touching a lover. you'll be leading

the fall of a lord closed/semi open rpg

eventually, he made it to the steel wrought iron styled fence surrounding the place, moving along it, he found a side gate. he found no alarms linked to it, so he sprayed a non aerosol wd-40 style

zombie scenario: baptism by fire

scenario 1: city of the damnedintro to oblivion:a strange meteorite has struck the earth carrying a strange and virulent alien pestilence. now a dead