floor grating clips

still life 2

aim-click on the door with the red light. examine the floor in front of the other metal door. look at the scrubbed floor and use the revealer spray on it. use a sampling swab on the blood traces to collect bloodstain behind numbered door. perform chemical and database analysis on it. zoom out and walk through the metal door with the red light to enter the room where the electric chair used to

alone in the dark

there's a clip on the floor next to the dead guy, if you need it 4 clips seems to be the max you can carry . continue through this room into the next. ignore the hand scanners and go through the open gate. a fissure ghoul will attack, followed by 3 or so zombies. there's a clip and a med kit in the middle of the floor near a corpse. and the statue right in front of the long fence is holding

tomb raider: legend

there's another slanted floor, and, as you descend, this time you have to shoot the fan and then jump those annoying electrified wires. you can shoot the fan before going down the slanted floor, however. jump over the other set of wires, roll beneath the other set, and turn right. another slanted floor, with another set of wires to jump over

the thing

faq/walkthrough by c.morgan. updated: 09/02/2002 faq of the month winner: it can also be used as a defensive weapon by setting the floor around you on fire to keep things at bay. trust/fear/infections on non-critical npcs are not really covered here. there are several variables involved and it would make try them moot. just watch everyone wooden crates can be shot/burned open to reveal

area 51

head into that room and use the lift to go to the second level. time your jump to land on the i-beam. then just follow the floating path. - jump into the open area on the second floor and work your way up the hall- way. when you get to some boxes on your right, follow them around to a hole in the grating. - jump down into the opening and take

claire a in 3:30

drop him and then look in the right hand corner for two corpses on the floor. pick up the hand grenade nearby; the one on the right will come to life and you may have to put her down. look on the tables in the middle of the room for handgun ammo x 15. a third zombie is on the floor on the left side of the room, feeding. pick up the needle

crysis 2: maximum edition

jackal: the jackal is an automatic shotgun capable of putting a lot of lead on target quickly. it doesnt have the damage output of the marshall but is a good weapon, but using it requires close monitoring of your ammo. it can be fitted with an extended clip and has an optional reflex sight for fast moving targets

secrets of the ark: a broken sword game

on the factory floor pick up the fire blanket at the safety station, another locked door with something interesting going on behind but there is an open door on the far wall. enter the open door and there is an unlocked blue door to enter. behind the blue door is a small room with only a small first aid kit active, interact with the kit to reveal another key card reader. george cant mess

enter the matrix

head through this room and up some steps, through the door, up more steps and another door and then yet another set of steps and a door. open it and you'll be able to save. ii. epicenter you start on some metal grating. head down the stairs until you reach the floor, and take out any guards there. run towards the fencing ahead of you, and you


bash the grating and move along the vent shaft until you reach a big fan room. climb the ladder and go over to where the fan blades are turning. time your run through them so that you're going across when the broken- off blade is on top. bash the floor grating past the fan, then drop down and move along until you come to a wall grating

halo 3

now, because this is a human installation it can only mean one thing: garages ahoy the ancient romans had their aqueducts, the medieval europeans their cathedrals and the 26th century humans have their well-crafted vehicle holds with efficient floor grating and futurist doors. head to the first of many garage doors and the sergeant says 'chief

tomb raider: chronicles

there are a few items you can get here. above the monkey crawl structure are some flares. again after getting into the swimming pool follow the tunnels to the room you are supposed to come out in, and now head through the hole in the floor following a maze of tunnels to get to a room with shotgun ammo, medipack and uzi clips. in the rope

half-life: opposing force

when you reach the second floor grating, bash it and drop down to a room with a health pack and an ar clip on some shelves. go through the door at the other end of the room to return to the two-vort area. go back up the pipes and reenter the vent shaft, this time bashing and dropping through the first floor grating. crouch-walk along the


pick up the metal grating on the floor in the back of this room. exit this room. 59. return to the broken bridge and lay the 2 metal rods across the gap. next, lay the grating on top of the metal rods. you have made a small bridge so the woman may now cross the gap. a cinema follows in which your characters go back to room r38-2 and talk about the report. exit the room. 60. go to the kitchen


clip: 6 - 9 - 12; damage: 17.5 - 20.25 - 23.0; range: 16.5; the volk is not quite as balanced as the valkyrie, but easily the second best weapon in the game. the volk is a great mutant and zek killer as any close range shot is almost always a one shot kill. definitely upgrade the clip size first to overcome the small clip size. the volk also

syphon filter 3

you'll be in what appears to be a generator room, shoot the two guards below the floor grating and find the transmitter switch in this room. 4. free the slave workers --- head up the stairs on the other side and when you get to the surface, turn right and you'll see a short cut-scene. afterwards, use the m-79 against the two guards that run down the stairs and then run up those stairs. at the


in the same corridor, there's an elevator that's out of order. jump through its top and climb the ladder in the shaft. at the top, jump on the broken door on the higher floor don't worry, it won't tip over . then explore the corridor on this level. it's pretty much an industrial area. there's another similar elevator on this floor. enter it