gym floor cover 18 oz vinyl

axon m is a ridiculous dual screen phone with actual

the axon m is thick, measuring nearly 0.5 inch 12.1mm on its side. josh miller/cnet perhaps the biggest thing i had to get used to, though, was using the camera.

toshiba portege z935 p300 review: an excellent ultrabook

the good the toshiba portege z935 p300 has very good features, performance, and battery life for its price and is very thin and very light.. the bad the z935 p300's keyboard may be too

xiaomi mi mix 3 review: xiaomi mi mix 3 is my almost

the front selfie camera has a built in beauty mode. you can judge how effective it is in my sample photo below. but you can turn it off, unlike similar features on other chinese phones.

lg v40 thinq review: savvy note 9 rival wields 5 versatile

up close with the v40's notch. josh miller/cnet performance speed and battery life . equipped with a snapdragon 845 chipset, the v40 is as fast and responsive with day to day tasks as

horses on treadmills? cbs news

people exercise on treadmills. so while an image of human legs exercising inside a gym looks perfectly natural, the image of hoofs on a treadmill looks downright weird, at least at first

prince music, videos, stats, and photos

prince rogers nelson june 7, 1958 april 21, 2016 was an american singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and director. born and raised in minneapolis, minnesota, prince

neato xv 21 review: this neat little cleaner goes for the

first, while the floors came out of each test run looking quite good, given that they'd just been coated with debris a few minutes before, a small amount of the rice didn't

dyson 360 eye review: dyson's first robot vacuum is good

the 360 eye came in last place on the rice test, picking up just 2.18 ounces on the plush carpet, 1.85 ounces on the berber style carpet, and 2.13 ounces on the hardwood floor. this

samsung galaxy s9 plus review: the galaxy s9 plus is

the s9 plus is still a force to be reckoned with. andrew hoyle/cnet so far in our tests, the s9 plus has lasted at least three hours longer than my particular galaxy s9 review unit, but

galaxy s8 plus is still a big phone lover's dream for a

if i found it hard to cover the entire sensor with my fingertip on the s8, the taller s8 plus is harder still. i had to angle my hand or arm in weird ways, and it's easy to smear the

wall streeter accused of 'spin rage' cbs news

broker allegedly assaulted noisy hedge fund exec at nyc gym. wall streeter accused of 'spin rage' of tilting sugarman's stationary bike's front wheel up a yard

samsung galaxy s7 review: this is the phone to beat page

we reviewed the new samsung galaxy s7 in london, berlin, san francisco and sydney. it's the best all around phone you can buy right now and one of the best phones ever made. page 2

aerobics: aging gracefully cbs news

a lot has changed since 'jane fonda's workout' video captured the aerobic dance style in 1982. and losing the leg warmers is only part of it. like many of its participants,

samsung galaxy note 9 review: note 9 could still reel you

the s pen remote is said to work up to 30 feet away from the phone, but i was still taking photos from 100 feet away. standby time is either 200 clicks or 30 minutes, and the s pen

music hall mmf 5 review: music hall mmf 5 cnet

music hall mmf 5 review: a high quality molded plastic dust cover adds the finishing touch to the design. the full size turntable measures 18.25 inches wide, 13.25 inches deep, and 5.5

nikon d5500 review: it's great, but grip the d5500 before

the lcd is nice and bright, and because it can flip and twist it's easy to make it more viewable in direct sunlight. the battery is rated for 820 shots, which is good in this era of

aperion intimus s 10 powered subwoofer cherry cnet

aperion intimus s 10 powered subwoofer cherry this ain't it. after we installed the s 10's floor leveling spikes, the bad boy stood close to 18 inches tall, 13.25 wide, and

pentax k2000 review: pentax k2000 cnet

the k2000 comes in several different kits. the f3.5 5.6 18 55mm kit lens is one of pentax's new da l series budget lenses that, according to the company, uses the same optics as the

a fresh coat of paint cbs news

a fresh coat of paint. by ellen crean price: $6.50 per 12 oz can widely available krylon web site. plastic vinyl shutters, for instance, that are nailed on either side of a window

how a dismissal, fatherhood and creighton helped marcus

how a dismissal, fatherhood and creighton helped marcus foster reclaim his passion the kansas state transfer has become a leader for the bluejays