how do you build a wood deck

any modern game like dungeon keeper?

maybe start with 2 so you don't spoil yourself. also take a look at pharaoh, it's a very similar thing, except it's taken to one scale larger, where you build a village in settlers, you build a society in pharaoh, and you can watch them build pyramids block by block.

command and conquer: renegade

* grab your first and only gun you didn't think you had the weapons after you were put in prison, did you :p . kill the officers for a second and better gun i use this gun all the time . enter the door, go left and up the stairs. use the control panel here to free the prisoners. enter the door on the other end and enter the door right for weapons. in the left room, you'll find 2 datadiscs

ask your settler's questions here.

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the urbz: sims in the city

a: well, you can do what ever you want after you beat the game, but otherwise no. q: how do you get someone to move in with you? a: get a really high relationship. only certain people can move in with you. dusty hogg, ewan watahmee, misty waters, sue pirnova, cannonball coleman, kris thistle and phoebe twiddle can move in with you. q: can you build a house? a: no, but you can buy furniture and

how do you get better cards?

but one thing is, you should have a deck of cards with only 6 , at least. except for the zeros for cardbreaking, of course. if you need more moogle points, just go to agrabah and use only the aladdin card , as you get moogle points for each hit aladdin deals. open up meeting ground rooms, if you do have some of those.

the lego movie videogame

there isn't much to do on this top level yet apart from pulling down the railing on the right. this will allow you to master build a lift for everyone. at the top level you'll face a micro manager. use a batarang to stun it, then grapple the back of it off to destroy it. you'll do this for three more micro managers. hop into the bird's mouth at

tom clancy's splinter cell

also a great tip of you, if you're playing on your own: kill when you have to kill, ko when you can't kill, and pass by when all else fails. basically, it means you don't have to ko everyone in this level, and you could simply run by. one more thing, do not use any of your special gadgets until the last part. trust me on this. start out by facing the opposite way of the van's headlights. walk

what is the deck desing for the npc skaters?

for tony hawk's underground on the playstation 2, a gamefaqs q and a question titled 'what is the deck desing for the npc skaters?'.

make a new pokemon gym leader

the guy that normally gives you tips at the front of the gym, who wasn't there when you first enter the gym, asks what you are doing there. as you turn around, the gym area you are standing in transforms into a burned down building. as it turns out, the area you were standing in once belonged to the town's previous gym leader that died in a fire.

making a forge?

if you weren't one of these lucky sods that l keep hearing about that finds a hunting knife in their first scavenging run, then find a zombie and kill it. loot it. beat on the gore block it leaves with your stone axe, should yield a bone or two. craft a bone shiv withthe bone you just got. find a deer. kill it with your bow. use bone shiv on the carcass, which will give you hide to make

how the single-player dungeon run in hearthstone's next

i'm not very competitive, and i actually learned quite a bit about deck building from this because the game helps you build a synergized deck. it'll put cards in there that you wouldn't have


grab the loot just to the north of the village and use the nearby shrine to restore your army's morale. both nearby bridges are down so return to the most recent fast travel point. make your way southeast. as you do, you'll see a campsite a short distance to the west. a battle awaits you here so you may as well get it out of the way.

kingdom hearts: chain of memories

you need to make your own choices based on the information i've given. i have below a great outline for an amazing boss deck, but again i do not expect you to have half the cards you need for such a deck. so reader, it really is up to you what to make of your deck. i've given some great strategies and information to help you make the best