how to build deck stairs with a platform

lego harry potter: years 5-7

use dif to build key and turn key in lock 8 character studs 75,000 great hall, use dw on object 9 score x2 200,000 hogsmeade, use specs to build snowman near exit on left side 10 score x4 400,000 london train station, use dif on red object on back of train platform 11 score x6 600,000 path to hogsmeade, use delum to move light from left to

lego marvel's avengers

at the starting point you can see a lever. destroy the box next to the lever and build a speedster platform. use the platform to build a series of wires. once the wires are intact, pull the lever. cross over and watch the gauge on the next lever. when the arm is in the green pull the lever and open the box for the gold brick

lego marvel super heroes

defeat the enemies and move up the stairs. activate spidey sense to reveal a plug. web it up and pull it to create a platform. wall to wall jump with captain america to reach the top. move across the platform and destroy the blocks to have the materials to make a switch. activate the switch to reveal a power unit. charge it up with storm. a

watch decked out episodes online season 2 2013 tv guide

a multilevel deck that includes a dining area, a fire pit, a hot tub and a cedar-lined three-season room is built in the season 2 premiere. season 2, episode 2 the deck with stairs april 24, 2012

lego marvel's avengers

stand on the platform and scan to reveal a target. shoot the target to open the crate at the base of the building. at a the water level there is a dock that needs a strength character to smash it. scan the area to reveal some blocks that need telekinesis. build a treasure chest then walk over and smack it. washington heights

lost document on helicarrier quest spoilers

on the deck there is this area on fire. go to the turbine engine on the left if you are walking from the circular elevator platform towards the fire . there's a ladder going down, then follow the path, you will see some plants growing on the wall, it's stuck in the plants.

marvel: ultimate alliance

go up the stairs scorpion was guarding and through the next room. there is a large blaze on the other side that you can move around. the next door leads to the command deck and nick fury. fury asks that you stop a nuclear missile launch by the masters of evil. before you leave you can talk to fury and he will fill in some story points. move

the lego movie videogame

climb up as wyldstyle and hop around the railing to the right to find a small area to the right of a fence. once you get close to the cat it will follow you. the third cat is found at the rail station. go up the stairs to the train platform and hack the computer on the left. the fourth is in the roofs near the construction site. smash the

lego marvel's avengers

black widow and bruce banner are on the helicarrier. agent coulson needs the deck to be prepped for landing. using widow move forward and a worker will be upset at all the oil stains on the deck. jump from platform to platform to reach the highest one in the oil drenched area. here we can use widow's scanning device to reveal two targets

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rebuilding a small exterior deck and stairs - metacritic. summary: tom silva helps a homeowner with a large carpentry project by rebuilding a small exterior deck. they remove the existing deck, which has rotted and become unstable. then they build a new

i cant make stairs going into my house. can anyone help

i'm building a house and i can't make stairs going from the ground onto the deck. user info: tatejessica. tatejessica - 11 years ago. no, like.. outside. i need stairs going from the ground to the foundation. user info: lifestories 22. lifestories 22 - 9 years ago. answers. go in stairs in build mode, go on 'connecting stairs' move your mouse ontop of the foundation you're trying to get stairs

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compare prices and shopping results for rolling stairs with platform from has the best deals and lowest prices on rolling stairs with platform related searches build your own wood deck

darksiders ii

at the bottom of the stairs, head across the platform to the left and enter the door here. at the back of the room you will see a ball on a ramp trapped by some spikes and some wooden beams just asking to be jumped on. from the second beam, wall run up to a second series of beams above and the last one in the series is golden and when jumped on will act as a lever. hanging off this will remove

wild arms alter code: f

climb the stairs, continue down the stairs to west, and head northwest. while continuing to the northwest, you'll see a bunch of large rubble. as big as the rubble is, most of it can be wiped out with one bomb. so, clean out the rubble on the way to the other side of the outdoor passage. use the radar to find the switch in the middle of the room, and step on it to lower the wall blocking the

arcania: the complete tale

outside the room, go up the stairs just to the south to find a beliar artifact15 as you enter the room. on the south side of the room is an elixir. back down the stairs and through the east corridor, then ne to the library for some items. continue out ne and around the left side behind some barrels is an innos statuette14. save before trying to

mario and luigi: superstar saga

after succeeding, the door below you will open up. go into this new room and examine the crabbie grass in the middle to grab it. go to the next area to find a save album. use it, then go through the yellow pipe to return to little fungitown. and why couldn't i have used that route? it wouldn't have been hard to build some stairs or something

beyond oasis

go to the left side of the stairs and jump north to a small platform. jump north again to a large platform that has an ogre and a bow plant on it. now go north, jumping from platform to platform to the 9th area. 9th area bow gate walk up and around to the blue crystal blocking the stairs. destroy the crystal with any fire weapon or summon efreet. once the crystal is destroyed, go back to the

metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty

then get back down the stairs. deck-b, crew's quarters ----- go to the right, neutralize the guard, and go through the second most right door in this area. deck-a, crew's lounge ----- watch the mini cinematic, and then incapacitate the guard. don't make too much noise, as there is another guard in the area. go down the stairs to the right, and

yu-gi-oh 5d's: duel transer

you can also tweak your starter deck into a deck based more around warriors warrior toolbox and synchro warriors are viable options . when you unlock the crossroads of chaos, crimson crisis and raging battle packs, you can then build deck themes such as plant beatdown and blackwing swarm. you can also build synchro gadgets or machina gadgets

walkthrough, part i

go up the stairs to the second floor for 9 gold coins and a medicinal herb. exit the building. outside, go northwest until you reach a crossroads, then go west up a small set of stairs and stop. jump up the wooden platform to the south and the climb onto the balcony for a flurry feather. return to the crossroads and continue northwest until you