install laminate up stair hallway

assassin's creed syndicate

the good news is the door on the right when facing the crowd can be unlocked from the inside if you have the nurse's master key. if you have this, you can open this and kill the enemy in the hallway behind it. follow said hallway to the left and in the room at the end, move through the right hand door to find another doctor huddled over a

fallout 4

ignore the hallway to the north unless you want some chr practice, and head up the stairs to the west and north instead. continue up the next set of stairs beside you that lead south, and up a smaller set into the hydrogen bags. in this hallway, place 3 different charges on the gas bag valves to the south and north.

fallout 3

head upstairs and blast the raiders in the hallway. check the adjacent room for some ammo in desks, then continue to the next stairwell south and head up. ignore the bed with the corpse and check out the room to the nw to find a locked but easily opened first aid box in this room with a pooltable. move to the ne, be cautious of the frag mine nearby the bed and kill some raiders. dive to

dead space 3

enter the hallway and a group of wasters will jump out of all kinds of vents to come and get you. during the fight, in all i counted 4 super wasters and 4 regular wasters as well as a number of swarmers. note that as this can be quite tough, i noticed that if i backed into the previous door to the circular room, it caused them all to retreat back into the hallway for some reason. so feel

alpha protocol

leave this side office to enter another hallway. combat route: alternatively if you went the route down the middle hallway, you will enter a large room with three guards. they will have guns, so you may want to run back into the hallway so you can take them on one at a time, especially since you are limited to melee attacks. this route is

perfect dark

you begin upstairs in your office in front of your pc. access it with b to return to the main menu you started from. you can do the same by pressing start anywhere. oustide your office is the upstairs hallway. to your right is daniel carringtons office. you can go in and say hi, but thats about it. to your left along the hallway is the information room, and further on is the device lab

resident evil

return upstairs and enter the door above the maintenance save room that leads to the u-shaped carpeted hallway where you found the wooden mount. proceed ds through the u-shaped hallway, past the double-doors until you arrive at the very last door at the end of the corridor. you will emerge on the upper balcony in the main hall. run downstairs and enter the double-doors that are left of the

kingpin: life of crime

enter the hallway at the back of the room and follow it to a junkyard, then kill the five dogs that are guarding it. go to the back right corner of the junkyard by the flaming barrel and jump up the cars to collect the battery that you need, then return to the previous room and grab more medkits if you need them. work your way back to the room with the fan, then open the next door to witness


the oxygen generator is a lot longer route, but it begins from where this 1x recharger is located. use the button to go back up the shaft, follow the hallway out again, but instead of using the first brown hallway, follow the corridor around to the left, and use the first door you find on the right. just inside is a wall holding two switches on

resident evil hd remaster

make your way through and up the pathway when you get near it to head out the door then head to the hallway of where the xray rooms are. head to the end of the hallway and pull down all three levers then enter through the door and down the stairs then around the corner until you see a room. the lock is released enter it to find chris. head back

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deus ex

find the hallway just to the right of the door with the terminal in it, follow it until you see an opening in the left wall, and then drop down. this area is the uc. make your way across the walkway and into the augmentation area. you should have unlocked the canister cells in the upstairs terminal. now grab some canisters and then find the

medal of honor: frontline

the documents aren't anywhere here, so just go on and go up the stairs. fight your way through the library, and then after into the hallway. down this hallway will be the steam baths and an officer's room at the end of the hallway. go to the officer's room, kill everyone and break open the clocks on the wall to find the documents. find

rise of the tomb raider

move through the room and grab the boxes of ammo if required and the crate of salvage just before the hallway in the back right corner. destroy the cloth/canvas barricade here by either shooting the pipe above it or using one of the nearby bottles to craft a molotov. doing so will have the effect of alerting the enemies in the next room to your

fallout: new vegas

you can exit the small office area outside to register the location and then re-enter. a light switch 02 upgrade: mood lighting is in the main facility. various loot crates and boxes lie about so search if you wish. once finished with the entry area, head upstairs and the hallway will take you to the sub- tunnel area. head down the stairs and

rise of the tomb raider

follow the hallway left to a roped barricade and pull it down and then wall scramble up and check the ground straight ahead for a survival cache 04/06 . jump back to the hallway and take the first hallway on the left to collect a survival cache 05/06 and explorer's satchel and then return to the hall and continue left to another roped

fallout 4: game of the year edition

the right path has a hallway whose doorway is defended by numerous tripwire and turrets. if you have the mayor's id card, the terminal will deactivate the traps, giving access to the security door. you can also toss a grenade or two into the hallway and then destroy the surviving turrets to reach the security door.

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rise of the tomb raider

as you pass down the dark hallway a group of trinity soldiers will shoot through the doorway ahead. take cover and kill the first two enemies and then enter the next room, backing away when a grenade is thrown from the top of the stairs. you can now head upstairs and rush down the hall as a helicopter rains fire on your location. at the end of

still life

===== pat's house ===== go upstairs and head into the room at the end of the hallway. look at the painting above the computer. flip it around and examine the lump. now go downstairs into the room with jacuzzi and look at the toolbox by it. take the knife then head back upstairs to the painting. cut the painting open then you'll get a scene

roost smart battery review: the roost smart battery has

most of the time, you'll simply see a green circle with a check mark to the left of the battery name -- i set up mine in the 'upstairs hallway.' underneath the location, you'll see a confirmation