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the legend of zelda: breath of the wild

return to the main walkway, head through the door at the far end. continue past the locked door and find another panel at the end of this hallway. interasct with this. this will give us control of another gyrocpically controlled platform. there are three glowing orbs on this and three switches. tilt the controller around until you manage to get

the legend of zelda: breath of the wild

to find this, return to the main body of the divine beast within the three rotating rings. rotate these rings so that the glowing green cable is lined up on the floor. climb to the central platform and activate the panel here to trigger a boss fight. boss: thunderblight ganon. thunderblight ganon is the boss of the divine beast vah naboris

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aerelight oled desk lamp review: you aren't getting a distinct upgrade in light quality relative to cheaper lamps, and you can't adjust the oled panel's angle, either. the bottom line oled


floor b2. white gem: when you first have access to a rescued toad while on this level, shoot it at the brick wall in the western side of the area. follow the walkway to the northwest corner of the next room, then shoot a paint bucket at the wall in the corner to find the ghost who has the gem.

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the kindred oled lighting comes in a ceiling-hung configuration and a table lamp. because oled panels aren't piercingly bright, table lamps can be placed near work or reading areas with to provide

final fantasy 7 remake walkthrough chapter 6: light the

final fantasy 7 remake walkthrough chapter 6: light the way spoiler-free here's how to navigate the semi-confusing series of pathways in chapter 6 of ff7 remake for ps4.

the legend of zelda: a link between worlds

ensure that your lamp is equipped, then go through the north door to visit room 4. this pitch-black chamber is similar to room 3: it features narrow walkways that are filled with foes, and a wallmaster that chases you throughout. go east and use your lamp to light the room's southeast brazier, gaining some much needed visibility. fight your way

the legend of zelda: a link between worlds

smash the far skulls to expose a floor switch. aha step on the switch to extend a walkway back in room 11. better head back out there back in room 11, go east across the new walkway you've just created by stepping on the floor switch in room 14. the walkway leads to room 11's locked southeast door. but before going through, strike the nearby


most of the cells on this floor are locked, although you can find a secret panel above the toilet in b-319 containing some revolver armor piercing ammo. on the second level, a number of cells are open. b-204 has a secret panel above the toilet that reveals a vent that we'll come back to later. optional poi: roll call

the last of us remastered

the quarantine zone: beyond the wall - after leaving the warehouse and dropping off the fire escape, continue down the alley and under a broken walkway and then look up at the tree branch to the left of the white couch.

the legend of zelda: a link between worlds

there's a chest at the north end of this large room, but it's out of your reach. you can't reach the tongue statue below, either. instead, simply drop through the hole in the floor to plummet to room 11, down on the dungeon's fourth basement floor. link lands on an outdoor walkway, right near a dangerous keeleon. use the fire rod to quickly


use the force on items on the floor to your left to make a tower you can use to climb up to the ledge that has it. you might also be able to make the jump from the entrance itself. power brick super gonk astromech, high jumper: in the second area, force the large canister on your left so you can high jump up to the artoo panel. use it, then

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a sunrise/sunset wakeup mode is reportedly in the works. tyler lizenby/cnet that's a trick i use with a color-changing lifx smart bulb in my bedside lamp, and it makes it a lot easier to get out

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pac-man world

the square floor panels with faces on them are traps. each will either drop rocks on you, try to crush you from above, or set a swinging trap in motion. it's best to avoid these simply by jumping over them; you can also stand at the edge of them without triggering them. if you trigger a swinging trap, you'll need to use a well-timed butt bounce or rev roll under them. pass up the traps here

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the good the $150 lutron smart bridge transforms caseta wireless plug-in lamp dimmers, pico remote controls, and serena battery-powered window shades into wi-fi-enabled home automation products