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the legend of zelda: the wind waker

she then tells you to find another pirate called niko below deck. pirate ship go through the door on the ships front end. yet another pirate, nudge, guards tetras cabin, so go down the stairs to niko. since hes normally the bottom- feeder on the pirate ship, hes happy to have someone to boss around. he then decides to give you the standard swabbie test. it involves stepping on a

cbs news space place

recall for a moment the construction of the joint. the upper rim of the bottom fuel segment, called a clevis, is an upward-facing u-shaped groove. the lower rim of the fuel segment above, called a

best video games of all time

a game with perhaps the most straight-forward title in history you get to do just that. take control of commander p. jefferson and go on an intergalactic shooting spree, hopping from galaxy to galaxy in your attempts to wipe out hordes of swarming alien baddies. with over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek humor from the game

grand theft auto: vice city

the basic extraction information in this guide is based on splintax's 'grand theft auto: vice city music hacking guide' also available for download at . i owe a great debt of gratitude to him and his guide. without it i never would have known how to digitally extract audio from any playstation 2 games. i e-mailed him about this guide and he has given it his blessing

best pc video games of all time

air raid thrusts you into the adrenaline-pumping, action packed world of a world war ii battleship under enemy fire. the gamer finds himself stationed behind the awesome firepower of a 40mm bofor anti-aircraft fixed deck gun on the bow of a battleship reminiscent of the famed u.s.s. missouri. the mission is to blast away at the endless

william arnold

the film's single downside is a certain nagging sense of deja vu: the fact that so many of the elements of the story -- the dark force, the all-empowering object, etc. -- have bee

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