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viewing the bowery

at right, 'liberator's retreat,' a sculpture in wax, foam, pigment, wood and drywall by los angeles artist matthew monahan, one of 30 artists mostly from the u.s. and europe whose work is in the

charcoal and wood for grilling: what is the difference

if youre hazy on the difference between wood and charcoal for grilling, youre not alone. but well help clear things up. so: what is the difference between charcoal and wood for grilling?both make fire, and flame-kissed food is delicious, right?

lots you can do with bamboo

you can control the spreading of bamboo in yards with the help of a bamboo barrier. it's a high-density plastic wall that you can put in the ground surrounding the area where you want to contain

barbara kruger

the broad, a brand-new museum of contemporary art in los angeles, is housed in a building that is in itself a remarkable piece of work, designed by architecture firm diller scofidio renfro.

great cutlery stores

i finally got a chance to check out two recent additions yoshihiro cutlery and japanese knife imports; happy to report these are two legit knife retailers for knife geeks to gawk and shop in la also worth noting, both retailers do a great job educating their clientele on the products, very retail consumer friendly.

how to make armenian bread

through tumos global network, we met ara zada, a chef in southern california. in 2016, he taught a culinary workshop for tumo, working new techniques into armenian dishes. ara grew up in an armenian-egyptian household in los angeles, attending armenian school through seventh grade. but the food he encountered in yerevan was different

how to make butterscotch pudding

i am a pudding lover from way backlike all the way back to snack packs in my lunchbox. and although chocolate might be my favorite and if there is malt in it, then all the better butterscotchan unsung and underrated flavoris a close second. heres the thing though: despite the love i feel for this underappreciated pudding flavor, i dont find myself making it all that regularly

where to find wood chunks for smoking

i'm purchasing a smokenator to convert my 22' weber kettle grill into a smoker, to try my hand at some ribs and brisket this summer. the go-to smoking wood is apple, hickory, oak, etc., but ideally it is in chunks, not chips. i can find wood chips at home and garden stores in la, but not chunks of wood. any idea of where i should look? thanks.

iso best wood fired montreal bagels in gta

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the mckinley cube house, sitting on a quiet 10-acre lot of prairie grass and rolling hills, is a 5,100 square foot structure made of steel, wood, plastic, and glass, as seen on 'extreme living' on

daniel's western meat packers open to the public

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26th ave wood fired breads santa cruz

wondering if anyone has tried the wild yeast leavened breads from 26th ave wood fired breads. from this craigslist post, sounds like a true backyard operation and can be legal under california's new cottage food law .

oven-smoked pastrami recipe

you should buy pure, resin-free, bark-free wood chips. for this recipe, we recommend apple wood or hickory chips, which can be purchased at most hardware and grocery stores or online. game plan: the entire curing, smoking, and cooking process takes at least 10 days, so plan accordingly. since the smoking and steaming steps each take a few hours

'wickedly perfect' rubber stamping

to stamp any object with a wood or plastic mounted rubber stamp: start with a clean stamp. place the target on a flat and slightly padded stamping surface. if working on a table, place a magazine

floors that can fool you

lipford says today's plastic laminates can do an 'academy award-winning impression' of wood, and are backed with layers of less-expensive materials like plywood, fiberboard, or soft wood such as pine.

simi valley restaurants, bars, and events

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local source for bbq/smoking wood

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getting any stain out of any fabric

method: use ice water and wine remover to instantly remove the stain. product: wine-out stain remover $3.99 retail candle wax on wood surfaces or mantle. in an effort to set the mood for holiday