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the lego movie videogame

***** the lego movie videogame pc version a faq/walkthrough by cyricz version 1.0 e-mail: cyricz42 at ***** 1. introduction 2. faq 3. basics 3a. controls 3b. menus/displays 3c. hints/tips 3d. character powers 4. story walkthrough 4a. bricksburg construction 4b. escape from bricksburg 4c. flatbush gulch 4d. flatbush rooftops 4e

fallout tactics: brotherhood of steel

-barter cat's paw, ring pulls x50, booze some people like barter because it's hard to salvage useful gear. every trader in the game uses a supply-and-demand system, so the more of a given item you dump on that trader, the less valuable it is. watch the value of ak-47s drop after macomb and you'll see what i mean. however, if you follow my advice and salvage literally everything from every

socom: u.s. navy seals

kitten is in the building complex on the opposite end of the city, so it's time to pick up the pace. use fat cat's building's vantage point 2f is perfect to snipe any insurgents around at ground level. occasionally someone infiltrates and manages to use the 1st-floor stairway to kill a teammate. assign bravo to hold position right there

tom clancy's splinter cell: chaos theory

fc back to the teller enclosure room and along the left side of the enclosure to the lighted anteroom room with the glass door, ignore bg 5 sleeping in the chair, oe and cd and avoid the wall camera above the 1st door to your left. qc the perimeter of the anteroom cw, the xp is the 2nd door from the left. ctd, oe and cd, face the glass partition

layton's mystery journey: katrielle and the millionaires

for layton's mystery journey: katrielle and the millionaires' conspiracy on the 3ds, faq/walkthrough by krystallis.

lego marvel super heroes

it's mahvel baby ***** 2. faq ***** q: what is lego marvel super heroes? a: this is a lego-styled action game released in 2013 throwing the varied marvel super heroes and villains into a big pot and just stirring it. q: what is the esrb rating of this game? a: this game is rated e10 , with the added descriptor of cartoon violence. q: would


cat rescue - also on the roof of building four, before you cross over into building three take a right and you'll find a little alcove with some garbage. smash the garbage to find the cat underneath. chapter 9 - deceit. supply crate 49 - as you run along the outer balcony, you'll see your first civilians running towards you. the last crate is


placing the patio light gives you access to a new window sill, so get up there and head onto the roof of the bbq area. now, head across the lattice fences to get a new puzzle piece 41/58 . keep following the path around the roof to get to another puzzle piece 42/58 and the egg basket object. climb the pole and we're on the roof. up here, there are two more puzzle pieces over skylights and a

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your storage deck is a section of your inventory press back that contains every item, weapon, and equipment piece you currently hold. your storage deck is of average size at the start of the game, but you'll soon come to realize that you must make choices based on what you should carry and what you must ditch. throughout the game, you can

resident evil 5: gold edition

--- move forward into the little enclosure and bust open all the vases and pots for goodies. borrow the rifle from sheva if you don't have it, then step out onto the walkway. you'll see the natives make a little sacrifice holy crap and then begin to walk off. they don't notice you, but act quickly or they will. start by sniping one of them. continue to fire and if you're co-oping, have your

dragon quest vii: fragments of the forgotten past

enclosure plan. enter the jail on the n side and open the drawer here for a turban. head back up to the deck and go to the port of the ship for some barrels, one of which will have some pilchard crackers. go down the stairs on this side and speak to the man by the ladder, pick the first choice and you'll find yourself n of alltrades abbey. use

hub gold bricks

have them grapple the purple cat playground in the middle so you can get pieces to build a bridge to the left side, then use them on the hooks on the left wall of the room to reveal a drone vent. send a drone through there and have it blow up on the other side. the gold brick will be revealed, and the elevator will drop so you can ride up to it. belle reve boogie - on the roof of belle reve

guardian's crusade

so, in the same room with all the staircases there are also exits on the west and east sides of the room. if you go to the next screen from each of those east/west exits you will find the treasure chests immediately in the little enclosure you come into, but you may have to move the camera to see them. incidentally, the dark sword and shield

the legend of zelda: skyward sword

once up there, you'll notice that the part of the roof the cat is on is a bit too high to run up, but there is a block nearby. get next to it and hold a to grab it, then move to push or pull. get it up against the side, and run up. grab mia, then head back to horwell and set the cat down beside him. he tells you that zelda can be found over at

lego batman: the videogame

smash objects near the water to find a rotator switch which raises a magnet wall. assemble the grapple point so you can grapple to the other side. smash the patio furniture to find the pieces for an attract suit swapper. explore the area for colored blocks, then deposit them in the container to make a ladder. climb up and head to the right. big

lego city undercover

for lego city undercover on the playstation 4, faq/walkthrough by cyricz. cat rescue - as a fire fighter, chase is also on call to rescue any stranded felines. just look for a red circle with a fish inside and press a in it to get a gold brick. bbq fires - scattered around lego city are these out of control blazes. settle them with your extinguisher to get a gold brick. construction worker

army of two: the 40th day

there is a cat in this area in the rear right corner of this area, right-facing from the ladder you climb down to access this area up on top of a small structure next to the catwalk. when you've gotten what you need go into the room to the left of that catwalk on the right-hand side of the area to find another grated door which you and your partner need to work together to open