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you then need to jump from gear to gear, then from gear to ceiling to gear, to get to the upper right corner. sounds hard, and can be, but you soon learn how to do it. it's the same as walljumping. note that if she is tilted at 89 degrees or less than horizontal, she will cling on indefinitely. use that to your advantage when landing on gears. in the next room, your goal is the opening in the

the orange box

the vent there will loop to a small supply cache, mostly suit refills. jump down into the muck to locate some combine again. these grunts carry submachine guns, and gordon can pick one up from the corpses. also, one of the vents near a red barrel here leads to some frag grenades -- just be sure to kill the zombie torso that appears, as it's just as dangerous as the full thing. on the way out


augila will begin the fight by reducing the size of the arena you are fighting on, this is especially disasterous, as one of his attacks can push you towards the edge of the arena very quickly, augila's first attack will be a series of blasts which are best avoided by jumping before a wave of blasts hits you. after his barrage of blasts, augila

yakuza 4 remastered

once the three combat stats reached their ceiling stopped going up i dropped the fighting training and used the roadwork exclusively until health maxed out. money earned from winning exhibition matches can be spent on improving the dojo's facilities and training effectiveness but if you're only planning to go through all this once to get

chrono trigger

faq/walkthrough by phoenix 1911. power: it's the size of your character's muscles; this stat determines how much damage they'll do when attacking physically bar marle and lucca or when using physical techs. - speed: the only stat that doesn't increase as you level up decides how fast your attack gauge fills. it is maximally 16, though with haste-status, you can increase it further

wine fridge recommendations

the better wine coolers that are the size of standard refrigerators generally top out at just under 200 bottles, so your storage space is around $20/bottle electricity. depending on what extent you retrofit your room, your bottle storage cost could be under $2/bottle. in the long term, that's more $$ for wine.

star ocean: the last hope

in the northwest corner is a chest containing compact stun bomb x8 . 9. head south, then west. you'll be in an area with a vending machine and stairs leading to a higher floor. buy any items you need from the vending machine and then go up the stairs. use the thunder ring to destroy the pipe near the entrance. this is marked as an exclamation point on the map. head east, through the barrier

ratchet and clank collection

as you go farther, boulders fall from the ceiling of the cave to the ground, thus, creating a path. remember not to fall down, as it will drift you to the beginning of the water. you will see yellow platforms that go up and down. time your jumps and reach the next area. the room you enter will have red trim at the base of the floors that run along the walls. if you want a gold bolt, which i

resident evil: operation raccoon city

a bomb zombie and a few other zombies will attack around the corner. the zombies will be moving through the doorway of the next room. blast them while moving into the checkup room. ***** security camera 4/10 on the ceiling behind the reception counter. ***** ----- items green herb - on the reception desk. ----- intel intel 9 - on top of a pc behind the reception counter. intel

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

staying hidden means keeping track of that camo percentage in the upper right corner of the screen. 50% is good and means most enemies can walk near you and not see you. remember, if you want to turn your octocamo you need to either press against a wall or lie down. 3. if you ever don't know what you are to do, just check your map. and if all else fails, just start moving around - maybe

dishonored 2

around the corner is an alley with two dumpsters -- one containing a corpse, the other tipped over. above the alley is whale oil on a painter's scaffold. the remaining items are across the street. the aforementioned balcony that leads to the lamppost has a pearl fan on it, and directly below the fan's location, is a fish-cutting area. angelfish scales are on the table there, next to the wicker

half-life 2

the pvc piping gives access to the walkway on one side, which leads to a tall area with lots more pipes. drop down to the lowest solid walkway and turn a crank valve to raise the water level here and the previous area. backtrack to the ladder used to get in, and drop down through the hole there, swimming like a dolphin through the opening to the valve area's closed-off portion. whew now, in

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left 4 dead

4 elevator lobby: there's a reason many people stand in the unbreakable corner of the lobby: the ammo is two inches away and four people should have no trouble fending off the horde, which comes from three directions discounting the ceiling vent . just watch out for boomers in this position, since they may quickly round a corner and


he sends some spider splicers dropping from the ceiling to attack you - kill them, and then go into the crawlspace at the sw corner of the room. this takes you back up to the entrance to the store. walk out the door - cobb will be standing right there. he's a nitro splicer, like the other two you've killed so far, and not very tough - just watch out for additional splicers wandering into the