fire resistant drop ceiling tiles

brave fencer musashi

assimilate the hopper and hop under the pipe and over the thorns. exit the forest through the nearby path and you'll be in the meandering forest. this is basically the brave fencer musashi version of zelda's 'lost woods', meaning that you have to go in a certain direction, or the forest goes on forever. only leno knows where jon's key is hidden

csi: crime scene investigation: fatal conspiracy

back out and then check the open tile on the ceiling near the upper cabinets. process to get chemical from the ceiling of the spa. back out and check the left wall. process it to get soot from break room at spa. after collecting it, go through the left door of the kitchen. check out the right wall to get soot from boiler room at spa. check the bottom the middle tank and process the cut cable

drakan: order of the flame

drop some weapons at the gate before you head out so you won't run out of inventory space. you can reclaim them after you place the runes at the city seal. go through the gate and the first crystal will be there. park arokh in the room facing west, then pass between the columns of fire to get the crystal. a flame knight will appear when you do. if arokh sees it he will open fire. after killing

resistance: fall of man

fire in short bursts and move to the left or right when you see bullets coming towards you. turn the corner on the right side of the street turn around again by the fire and continue on down the street. there may be another hybrid waiting for you so keep an eye out. turn right and move down the street until you see two groups of soldiers arrive from the left and right. follow them across the

mass effect 3

as you slowly move up through the marauders and cannibals, watch for an opening to the left and watch for fire from the harvester in the distance. take that left. eventually the harvester will die of fly off. either way, clean up any stragglers and continue to the bottom of the ramp. turn right at the bottom and drop down.

quake ii mission pack: the reckoning

drop down from the crates and go through the door you opened via the button you stood on a minute ago to be in another pitch black room, ride the lift up in the middle and grab the body WPC you saw at the beginning of the level. drop down into the room below and head through the door to be back in the inner compound. go straight ahead and

mega man zero

when the battle starts, two pillars drop from the ceiling and crush a huge part of the room. these pillars will have spikes on top and bottom of them, so just cling to the side of them. don't let angel x hit you while you're clinging on the pillars, because they'll knock you down into the pits below and it's a good-bye for zero. his head is its only weak point, and charged saber anytime you

polystyrene ceiling tiles and fire?

frodobaggins: the office area in my studio recently had to convert to ceiling tiles for fire/electrical safety requirements. we went with a drop ceiling tile from armstrong that is fire rated. with polystyrene panels i think they need to be labelled on the package or panels themselves with hbcd which is a flame retardant additive.

batman: arkham city

ceiling takedown - this one is a little trickier to pull off. there's a ceiling on the side of the room that batman starts that can be used to drop into fries. however, you can't get him to walk under it normally. first, you have to destroy the breakable wall right side of the room in the direction batman is first facing under the platform. they you can walk all the way across the area here

polystyrene ceiling tiles and fire?

does anybody have any information on whether or not polystyrene ceiling tiles these days are fire resistant or not? i've heard all the horror story's


winged stalfos fly unsurprisingly and drop bombs that dont damage the floor. the explosions can make it difficult to navigate, especially if youre already bouncing over to a particular spot. if you hit the stalfos once, its wings will fall off. when it lands, it will start bouncing on the tiles and destroying them. youll want to


drop onto the ground when you get the opportunity. kill one last gas eye while going left, and then head through the door. ----- fire wheel ----- before i say anything else, let me say this; while the fire wheel is spinning along the ground, use the magic stardust, and repeat this once. very likely he'll die from two hits. now that i'm done

deception iv: blood ties

----- perfect aim - target is hit in the middle of a tile or hit in the middle by a projectile. ----- rapid fire - activate traps in rapid succession. it seems that it's the timing of the activation and not when the target is hit that counts. ----- trap chain - modify one trap's effect with another one. mostly given for changing the trajectory

mega man zero

go left and take out the sandsnakes and condoroids. when yuou reach a cameloid, shoot it to stop its fire stream then slash it to pieces. destroy the quicksand mixer and drop down the pit. slide down the left wall to get to ne: nebitan. climb out and let ciel deacivate the trap. slide down the wall and be concious of the spikes and make it to

halo: combat evolved

now head up to the overshield. park somewhat next to it two or three feet away is fine . get out of the warthog and head to the gunner. press x to get him out of the seat, then back up about five feet. fire your pistol into the air so the marine looks at you. now shoot him in the head. if he didn't drop any grenades, revert to saved. if he

half-life 2

one of the drop ships will be carrying soldiers, while the other will weave it's way across the road and drop two roller mines. use your gravity gun to deal with the mines, and duck inside the large red house to avoid the other drop ship's machine gun fire. once they both leave, you are free to engage the soldiers. when the soldiers are dealt