fleet farm fence panels

perfect dark

look at all of the panels and activate the ones on the wall. training 2 - movement 1: walk up to either the far left or far right panel and hit it, then quickly strafe to the next, slowing down a bit as you reach it. activate all four in this way. you have about five seconds after the first one is hit. training 3 - movement 2: youll need to

wolfrazer's profile

they reached the fleet tactical room, and with a quick look inside drask shoved fel through the doorway and jumped in after him. a second later, with one final burst of covering fire, the four

final fantasy v

for final fantasy v on the pc, walkthrough by lordyuanshu.----- www.lordyuanshu.com walkthroughs with pics i really suggest you check out the links below, because there are hundreds of pictures from final fantasy v that are good references while you are reading the guide.

tom clancy's ghost recon: island thunder

when you've cleared this area, move down and make your way over to the pows. to the south you will be able to see two more gates to other sections, kill all of the guards at them and around them. open the gate to the fence and go up to the pows to rescue them. around now you might set of the alarm. if you do, a bunch of soldiers will come from

fallout 4

after a rather disturbing cut-scene, you'll awaken to alarm klaxons and find your wife dead and frozen in the other pod. interact with the panel just to the right to open it up. interact with nora to acquire her wedding ring. none of the other pods will open, so its time to leave. through the w door, gather up all the tools at the end of the

dai-3-ji super robot taisen z tengoku-hen

the very people of this fleet are the forgotten, and their human will to survive is the thread that binds them present, past and future. new-fangled gadgets and whatnot need not apply. lucky for them the sidereals pay them no heed, focusing instead on the whale-squid that the forgotten hold sacred. fearock has rigit help with z-blue's repairs, in accordance with forgotten tradition that 'all

star wars: stormtrooper respect thread legends canon

a single scout trooper knocks han off his feet with one blow and also gives a rousing fist fight. the same han who won a ffa gladiatorial torunament at 17, knows many street fighting techniques

fallout 4: game of the year edition

go through the wall into the room to the n. there is a unidentified sample 11317 on the counter at the control panel. a nearby slot is labeled 'isotope sample', and a computer terminal is labeled 'polymer coating applicator'. two slots next to the terminal are labeled 'chemical reagent'. scroll down to 'fun with isotopes' for info on these

rush for berlin

i suggest you simply rush up the hill with your t34s and su-122, but wait for the first german tank to assault your starting position first. 3 capture the lighthouse and signal the black sea fleet to begin their barrage. - the safest way to do this is to hug the water line on the north edge of the map with some infantry, then carefully work

conker: live and reloaded

you can press b to have conker swing his fist like a four-year old girl. anywho, just walk around the fence and head through the opening towards the weird scarecrow. walk up to the bag of hay to start up a conversation. the drunken scarecrow, birdy, explains the concept of context sensitive buttons. walk over to the big button with the 'b' etched onto it for a lightbulb to appear over conker's

assassin's creed iv: black flag

youll end up on the roof of a building in front of the guarded gate to a farm-like area. the targets will come to a stop in the centre of this. we need to eavesdrop on them, so perform a leap of faith down into the haystack below and hop through the gap in the fence to start. ===== part 2: eavesdrop ===== after going through the gap in the fence, enter the stalking bush. as you enter the

fallout 4

o wicked shipping fleet lockup. chapter 6: optional mission: the wicked shipping facility is occupied by only three low-level ghouls and it lies just west of abernathy farm. be aware of bloatfies in the area as you enter the site and kill the ghoul sleeping under the trailer. another feral ghoul is sleeping behind some packing crates in the

assassin's creed rogue

that is one of four in the area and we need to approach each of them and interact with a hidden panel. climb one of the walls either side of the door to reach the upper area and hop across to activate the first panel. now work your way along the beams surrounding the large columns in the centre of the room. use your eagle vision regularly to keep track of the locations and activate the panels

bioshock infinite

head over to the door with the lines of fence pickets in front and go inside. follow the short passage around until you find the next exit. look on the wall opposite this for a kinetoscope battleship bay kinetoscope 1/2 . to the left of this is a maintenance room we can enter to loot a few bits and pieces. return through the door and exit to the next beach area. look to the right and