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11 jan 2017 . whether it's through the use of mood boards or our digital in-store experience, we'll discuss all the tools you'll need to realise your design goals.

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15 jan 2020 . for weekly vinyl floor cleanings, all you need to do is add a bit of warm water and plain ol' dish soap to a bucket and mop away. for those days .

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12 aug 2019 . vinyl floors are sensitive, so you should only use a mild cleanser for daily cleaning. if you're using a commercial cleaner, use one that's gentle.

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you're also free to use white vinegar if you want to disinfect the floor while cleaning it. if the floor is dirtier than usual, add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap .

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to make homemade floor cleaner using vinegar, simply mix a cup of apple cider vinegar with a gallon of water. you can then use a damp mop to clean your floor.

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5 oct 2019 . it's not advisable to clean vinyl flooring with a steam mop since it can damage the planks and adhesive. steam mops use high-temperature steam .

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resist the temptation to blast away dirt with heavy-duty cleaners. instead, learn how to clean vinyl floors using the mildest possible method. sweep or vacuum it .

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there are only a few simple guidelines for how to clean vinyl flooring or how to clean vinyl plank flooring, which we'll discuss in this guide. keep reading for our .

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there are commercial vinyl floor cleaners available, but you can make a simple, effective cleaner for vinyl floors by mixing apple cider vinegar with water. the .