put composite interlocking tile on dirt

icewind dale

you have now unlocked the outer ring. now move around to the bottom, careful not to touch any of the inner ring tiles, and step on the tile with the two crossed swords. finally move around to the upper left and step on the tile with the two interlocking circles to disarm the entire trap. now go back to the conference room, and the dwarf statue

lost in blue 2

push the second black block from the bottom on the left side twicenow push the bottom red block onto the red goal tile, then push the top red block onto the top red goal tile. proceed to the next room. the next room is a little tricky. first off, leave jack at the start of the level. the room should look something like this: the trick in this room is to have the room do the work for you. push

dying space missions remembered in inspiring final images

this composite image reveals the final view from nasa's kepler space telescope. kepler ran out of fuel in 2018 and went into a permanent sleep mode. it had a good run, launching in 2009 and

eschalon: book i

walk across them in this order sw is the tile to the southwest of the middle tile, ne is the one to the northeast : sw, middle, sw, ne, ne. further down you will come to a room with another magic circle and two chests. the signs above them will say something along the lines of 'give me strength' and 'ease my pain'. put the potion of ogre strength in the first and a healing elixir in the other

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

the land is near its doom, and only a hero that possesses great courage can find the strength to put an end to ganon's plan once and for all. ----- walkthrough. this section provides a detailed walkthrough of the game's primary quest. this game is filled with many side quests, so please note that the majority of them will not be fully discussed in this section. refer to the side quests section

wizardry: crusaders of the dark savant game

wizardry 7 is a tile or grid based movement, first-person rpg set on the world of lost guardia.the player must find the legendary relic, the astral dominae, before the dark savant does. but, in order to do, the party must also negotiate the many side quests and explore nearly every dungeon to find what they need as well as beat the other factions that also have their sights set on attaining

lunar: dragon song

head up the dirt road a bit, then head left through the forest and find a blue chest. open it for some clogs. with that done, go back to the fork in the road, and head right to get into the next room. coming into room two, follow the dirt road for the longest of times, ignoring even the slope that goes downhill. instead, wait until you finally

metal max 2

metal max 2 walkthrough version 1.0 - 10/22/2002 by carlos satoshi mori csmori hotmail.com this is a guide for metal max 2, a game developed and released for the su- per famicom sfc in 1993.

james bond 007: goldfinger

so to put it simply, you cannot use the quit command in the apple ii version of the game. in the ibm pc version which is the one i use for this walkthrough the game was most likely started from ms-dos. question: are there any other james bond games like this? answer: yes, there is one more. it is called 'james bond 007 in: a view to a kill'. it was released to the public in 1985 and it was