teak wood entrance floor

what does sandal wood look like?

1. > go to where you have to open the temple door with the heiroglyphic tablets after you had assembled them together on the hardwood work bench. when yo go to this area, stand facing the temple doors. then turn to the left and there is a tree there to the left that is sandalwood. check it out. also there is one to the right of the temple doors.

alpha plains

once you arrive at the north side, just quickly move to the northwest door to get out from this room. in this area you can move counterclockwise to find a chopping point with bent twig, sturdy timber, teak wood. backtrack and follow the way to b4 then head 1 step south to meet another soldier who gives you some information related with skoll's

etrian odyssey iii: the drowned city

to reach the stairs going down, you have to spiral clockwise through the floor. start by heading east to the door in 4d. to avoid the foe in 4e: from the door, go east to the wall, then south to the wall, head west to the wall then out the door on 3e. you can also enter the 4e along the way to camp. next, follow the path and enter the door in 1f.

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the whole rear of the vehicle's been opened, extended and finished with teak wood. it's protected against the elements with a soft top fastened by zippers and velcro. the roof's been updated with


pass through it again and go east to find the door to the next area. this somewhat big zone has a cutter foe and three trunk barricades you need to destroy. however, let's get the material first in f5. go straight and turn right all the way to the south, then head west to find another chopping point with bent twig, sturdy timber, teak wood

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the bottle may say it's fume-free, but a warning label on the product states 'vapor harmful - open windows and doors or use other means to ensure fresh air entry during application and drying

wood toad rare game

according to sephirosguy and double-checked it in split infinity's guide : rare monster no. 17/80 name : wood toad 325 location : salikawood/ corridor of ages appearance : west section before to necrohol of nabudis, appear randomly when fighting with the malboro enemies there. it's half invisible. if you can't get it to reveal, cast a reflect on your ally and bounce off a spell by using the

etrian odyssey iv: legends of the titan

also in the mine a man named whirlwind offers to check your map of the mine. to count as complete you only need to fill in all floor tiles and pencil in all walls. to complete this optional quest you must show whirlwind, who will be standing in front of the tree near the entrance, your complete map before reporting back to the count.