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subway: no more 'yoga mat' chemical in our bread cbs news

john coupland, a professor of food science at penn state university, noted that people concerned about azodicarbonamide focus in part on a carcinogen called urethane it creates in the

what would happen to earth if humans suddenly disappeared

a video from asapscience explores what would happen if humans suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth though we obviously wouldn't be around to worry about it .

perfect: a bad trip cbs news

perfect: a bad trip. the medical examiner called it an accident. but jaime wood thinks otherwise: 'he kept telling me that he was equipped to deal with any emergency,' he

educa vision

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what is charcoal? chowhound

charcoal, the kind used for grilling, is scrap wood or sawdust partially burned in very hot ovens until it becomes whats called wood char. that is, wood thats cooked thoroughly but not

the concept cars of the coffee cup world images cnet

the bucky air. here's one of the wackier ideas: a firm called tallac design has designed a cup called the 'bucky air,' an inflatable cup that it says will use 8 grams of

best surface to build a pc on? pc/mac/linux gamespot

best surface to build a pc on? i would say wood is good, glass probably would be a good one too. stay away from carpet or plastic based surfaces, they tend to generate a lot of static .

how the humble wooden pallet paralyzed big pharma and now

how the humble wooden pallet paralyzed big pharma and now faces extinction year in which pharmaceutical companies have called back products due to contamination from the wooden pallets

which is the best wood cutting board? chowhound

read the which is the best wood cutting board? discussion from the chowhound cookware, cutting board food community. the best sustainable school lunch supplies to replace plastic;

stevie nicks long history with witchcraft, from 'rhiannon

stevie nicks is not a witch or so she would have you believe. back on the set of american horror story, where she is set to reprise her role as herself on apocalypse, the singer is once

floors that can fool you cbs news

lipford says today's plastic laminates can do an 'academy award winning impression' of wood, and are backed with layers of less expensive materials like plywood, fiberboard,

oil for woods in the kitchen cookware chowhound

btw, get some fine grit sand paper and sand your wood down before you oil it. it gives it a nice feel. some people also sand with the oil on the wood. some others heat the oil before

lego: building a better toy for the future cbs news

it's where the earliest lego toys were made of wood. they were called lego, from the danish phrase leg godt, the problem is the plastic, which has been made out of oil.

xyleco's marshall medoff: the unlikely, eccentric inventor

craig masterman: xylose is called wood sugar and it has an unusual property that your oral bacteria cannot use it. so it won't decay your teeth. the accumulation of plastic debris.

watch the x 37b space plane land after historic mission

the shuttle out on the slf, it turns out, is a full size, wood and plastic model called inspiration. it was originally built in 1972 by rockwell international then known as north american

recipe for a wet woody spirits rum chowhound

in this episode guillermo visits kings county distillery, new york citys oldest distillery after prohibition opened 2010 . while head distiller and co owner colin spoelman gives a tour

why's my cell phone melting? cnet

why's my cell phone melting? nokia warns that a growing number of its handsets are being damaged by badly made or counterfeit batteries from other companies.