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.hack//g.u. vol. 2//reminisce

----- crimson vs is a very simple game that actually plays by itself. you create a deck which consists of one general card and three unit cards. then you register the deck and the game handles the rest automatically. tutorial ----- when you first run the crimson vs program from the altimit mine os screen, a short tutorial will appear. the

final fantasy xiii-2

o=====o nabaat character e004 o=====o nabaat is an early peaker sab with 6 atb segments and around 450 of each stats, with a 750 cap without % stats. her feral link ability is sadistic surge, which gives magical damage to a target. the role itself is not very necessary through the game. usually it's best to just beat the crap out of the

lunar: eternal blue

follow gwyn when he goes upstairs to the deck and you'll see a strange light emanating from the blue spire. they decide to go to the blue spire themselves to see what's going on. head downstairs to the basement and open the treasure chest, which contains the ancient knife. equip it, and talk to gwyn, who joins your party and gives you the left dragon eye jewel. leave the house and head for the

final fantasy vi advance

it's on the south coast. * final fantasy vi works differently than most other games. the chests you find that contain these items will actually change much later in the game in the world of ruin . here's the changes that will take place: potion -> holy water green cherry -> tent gold needle -> elixer eye drops -> remedy antidote -> tent potion

ipad pro, 2018 review: blazing speed, but ios is limited

the good the 2018 ipad pro sports a gorgeous new all-screen design, face id and scary-fast performance. the new pencil is a huge step forward in terms of design and charging. the bad the keyboard

kingdom hearts

1, 3, 5, and 9 are in the posession of aeris, who's in the hollow bastion library. head up the stairs there for a quick cutscene as well, and talk to belle for a new weapon. number 7 is found in the middle of the hades cup, covered above. trying to get items for the item workshop.? try the portals section of end of the world covered below

golden sun

near the end you can move the right torch down and right to melt the final ice pillar creating a puddle of water. jump over this puddle and continue on. at the end there is a chest containing a vial. head toward the exit and walk around the icy fields, until you reach the frozen village of imil. --imil-- inn: 24 coins hidden items: 4 57 lucky pepper - look in the oven inside the inn 9 coins

zoids: legacy

at the end of each turn, there is a random chance that the zoid can recover from this status. chances will vary. confuse - the unit may not be controlled, and will act randomly. at the end of each turn, there is a random chance that the zoid can recover from this status. chances will vary. pilot down - the unit pilot will face drop in stats

pokemon white version

ultra ball - on deck of cafe near accordion player hidden cheren is the first person you meet when you enter the city. he'll give you three chesto berries before going on his way. nacrene city is an old-fashioned kind of city and has a museum as its main attraction and a cafe in the upper left side. it doesn't seem to have any sort of normal

.hack//g.u. last recode

talk to the cap'n crunch looking vital vista on the ship's deck. ===== isle of kings, hy brasail what is the announcer saying? it makes absolutely no sense. 'carved into the river of time by the chosen ones'? how do you carve something into a river? what did he smoke before the party? haseo suggests you talk to everyone, and that is what you

icewind dale: heart of winter

and is there a way to remove it? a: yes, it's about 1.8 million exp points. this is usually done to keep the end of the game balanced, otherwise you might win too easily. however, most people only get to about 1 million exp points by the end of the game, so there isn't much purpose to removing the cap. and of course there is a way to remove it

best switch video games of all time

new evolution of mario sandbox-style gameplay. mario embarks on a new journey through unknown worlds, running and jumping through huge 3d worlds in the first sandbox-style mario game since super mario 64 and super mario sunshine. set sail between expansive worlds aboard an airship, and perform all-new actions, such as throwing mario's cap.

playstation 4 cheats, reviews, faqs, message

for the playstation 4, gamefaqs has game information and a community message board for game discussion.red dead redemption 2dragon quest xiassassin's creed odyssey for playstation 4tales of vesperiaall gamesrole-playinggalaxy fold review: for better or worse, samsung's new

galaxy fold review: for better or worse, samsung's new foldable phone is all about its screen. unlike other phones, the fold's camera and battery life are the afterthoughts here.

fallout: new vegas game

in fallout 3, the level cap was level 20, then raised to 30 once the broken steel downloadable content was released. in fallout: new vegas the level cap is 30 right from the start and expands to a maximum of 50 with the dlcs. perks are now earned every 2 levels instead of every level in fallout 3 and every third level in fallout 2.

disgaea 4: a promise unforgotten

upgrade your gear from the rosenqueen shops, or level up. end chapter 1 ===== 2.00 - walkthrough - chapter 2 ===== the next story battle will not be available at this point. instead, you'll be prompted to pass 'several tests' before you can go to the first map of the second chapter. the first test is a map called 'study session: geo blocks'. if