what is the linear foot cost for a composite wood fence

final fantasy x / x-2 hd remaster

head straight north of where you start, under the second rock is a chest with four 'hi-potion.' make your way southwest and check behind the long rock that is visible on your minimap for two 'x-potion.' run northwest and grab the chest that's tucked in the corner beside the fence to receive two 'mega- potion.' head east until you reach a save

tom clancy's splinter cell

run through to get inside the cia building. there's a fence between you and the other side, with a maintenance worker on the other side. sneak to the middle of the top area you are in right now, and the guy will start his patrol. once he is out of sight, jump down. climb over to the other side of the fence, and crouch run into the other hall

assassin's creed iv: black flag

the next slave is to the northeast, conveniently near some dancers that can be used to distract the guards by the prisoner and allow you to easily release him. the final slave is to the northeast and you can enter by jumping the fence by some crates when the guard isn't looking ans whistle him over for a corner assassinate. anto will take out

far cry 4

go through the tear in the chain link fence near the tower and start a counterclockwise circuit toward the new waypoint. youll come to a pair of rope climbs where you took the second photo. go up them and take the stone stairwell beyond. stay crouched and close to the rock wall and go through the gap in the fence. kill the sentry and stash

half-life 2

once you do keep going down that path until you can enter another train car. this time go up the ladder to the top of the train, and jump over the fence and continue through the path. break the wood on the doorway and enter the building. welcome to another load screen. 6c. route kanal walk forward and recharge your health if needed at the

the legend of zelda: the wind waker

in the east side of the room, on a wood-floored alcove is a treasure chest containing the compass to reach a chest in the south part of the room, youll first have to get rid of the wooden boards in front of it. they arent cracked and there are no bokoblin with swords to be found, so you cant smash them. instead, break the pot of boko stick next to the locked north exit and light one

socom: u.s. navy seals

m4a1-sd: about 3 slightly more than m4a1 m14: usually 2 m16a1: between 2 and 3 there is a quick 3-shot burst, but be careful, if you miss, it costs you a bit of time sr25: 2 sr24-sd: usually 2 m87elr: 1 m82a1: 1 i've omitted the machine guns, submachine guns, and grenade launchers since i haven't used them much. for pistols, i don't think

deadly premonition: the director's cut

walk through the linear hallways until you come to a new enemy. basically, just run past her, then quickly turn around and shoot at her. if she is laying on the ground, prepare to press the b button to dodge her attack. take the ladder up to the main floor. there is a timed puzzle that you will have to complete or york will go crazy and you'll fail the investigation. pay attention to the three

2020 mercedes-benz s-class reviews, news, pictures, and

in addition to regular s-class equipment, the s65 amg gets a napa leather roof liner, leather-lined dash and door panels, extra wood trim and amg door sill panels with white illumination. the

arcade games

many collectors will replace an old linear power supply with an arrangement like this or with a regular game switching power supply for $30 or so in order to save themselves trouble down the road. o linear supplies are much more difficult and are usually specific to one manufacturer and/or time period. even then, it's easy to make mistakes

gothic ii: gold edition

that is not to say a mage will not use weapons, but it will be more expensive for them to train. mana is the most important attribute of a mage, and it costs the normal amount of learning points to train where it costs double that for mercenaries and un-guilded. once a novice, training will still be at the normal cost so it's quite possible to

shenmue ii

however, if you screw up the final button when you have to press a to clear the fence , you're out of luck and you'll need to track down the thieves another way. if this happens, talk to the waitress at lai lai eatery, since she knows what she's talking about. anyway, after the qte you'll be forced to fight two of the thieves, sam and larry

the legend of zelda: a link to the past

the minigame mentioned is just to simply open one treasure chest out of three to get a prize. it costs 20 rupees to play, but there's nothing too significant to win there. enter the last house mentioned. the one that extends to the next screen. inside are two brothers quarreling. they sealed off the entrance to each of their rooms, so force them to get along by destroying personal property

onimusha: warlords

enter the hole in the ground, and into the underground cave system. fight your way through the caves, as they are linear, and fight a total of three demons who will attack you individually, one by one, as you go. make sure to collect their souls. once you find the temple entrance, open the chest to the left of the stairs to get the underground

tales of destiny

get the splint mail and go through the door. in this storeroom, go north and through the door, picking up an oberol ex, melange gel, green gel and an orange gel. in the next area, go into the room directly across of you. inside, pick the iron glove behind the wood box to the right, and the green gel that's also behind a wood box, to the left

super monkey ball: banana blitz

the last banana of the level is behind the goal ring, remember to get it before finishing. stage 1-7 time: 60 bananas: 20 this one is a curvey stage. as you aproach the wooden bridge, be careful not to fall out when the fence ends specially with a high speed monkey like gongon . be sure to get through the middle of the bridge, as any bump in