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19 nov 2018 . if you're an abuser of 'i hope all is well,' or 'hope you are doing well,' these different -- and better -- ways to say it. . your prospect will definitely know what you're talking about. . use this humorous one with a marketer or salesperson. . for example, rather than saying, 'i'm reaching out to offer some .

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27 sep 2013 . this use of the hopefully is considered a no-no by a large contingent of . of what is known as a sentence adverb — an adverb that, rather than .

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21 sep 2007 . get grammar girl's take on starting a sentence with hopefully. . talking about is when people start a sentence with “hopefully” instead of “i hope. . here's what a self-correction sounds like; this one's from last week's business .

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20 jun 1993 . instead, increased currency of the usage appears only to have made the critics . 'it seems that this use of hopefully,' my dictionary says, 'has been made a . a moment of linguistic solidarity, but it is not what hopefully means.

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31 jan 2014 . you wouldn't use 'hopefully' or any synonym for a law or contract. . what you may be worried about instead is that you are conveying a sense .

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1 apr 2020 . email coroniquette: what 'i hope you're doing well' really means . version of the lines you were probably already using in your emails, .

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6 sep 2017 . instead, her boss uses wishy-washy expressions like, “hopefully you're okay . in order to make sure you sound like you know what you're talking about, . they also make team leaders who use them sound less confident and .

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17 nov 2016 . 'i hope this finds you well' is a grating greeting that is right up there with a cold call . “it is by god's grace that i am well, but what if i weren't? . of our mutual humanity is the real message, rather than any concrete hopes,” says plugh. . if you don't know the person yet, it's best to use a different approach.

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contrary to what your teachers may have said, we believe the popular usage of this word is correct. hopefully you agree. from the editors at merriam-webster.

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i hope that she passed the exam. i hope to pass the exam. i hope to get there early. we can also use two short answers: 'i hope so' .

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30 aug 2016 . i thought, therefore, that i'd make a few suggestions on how to replace 'hi, i hope you're well' with other phrases. i recommend you use all .

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hopefully is an adverb which means what it ought to italics mine –“full of hope” or . 18th century and had been in fairly widespread use since at least the 1930s, . i prefer the second sentence, which uses the action verb “hope” instead of the .

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it seemed an age since he walked so hopefully away from the tent. 'the boys will surely save us,' said matilda agnes, hopefully. he took up the one containing .

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some people take issue with 'hopefully' being used as a sentence adverb. what does that mean, do you use it that way, and is it ok to do so? . adverb, a type of adverb that comments on the whole of a sentence rather than just a part of it.

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hope meaning, definition, what is hope: to want something to happen or be true a. . word family noun hope hopefulness ≠ hopelessness hopeful adjective . with more publicity, people would leave their cars at the village hall instead and walk . enough, he hoped, to form several companies and carry on the fight, using .

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in the first case, the word modifies the entire sentence functioning as what is known . this use of hopefully occurs mainly in books, rather than in conversation.

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thank you – this is one that i use often, and it is very common in the us. . i hope to hear from you soon – now, you have to be a little bit careful with this one. . previous « how to write a perfect professional email in english in 5 steps. share.

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'i hope you are doing well” and 'i hope this email finds you well' are in almost every email we read. . updated on july 12, 2017 · how to . they've gained about my style and the topics i care about, it's more likely to be something i can use.

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17 aug 2016 . but the problem with “i hope you're well” is similar to what rebecca greenfield . a single “i hope you're well,” providing further evidence that its use is one . if you do, then find some sincere way to say that instead of a bottled .

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usage note. some people object to the use of hopefully as a synonym for the phrase `it is hoped that' in a sentence such as .

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usage note for hopefully. although some strongly object to its use as a sentence modifier, hopefully meaning “it is hoped that ” has been in use .

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27 may 2012 . it's worth noting that the authors using evaluative hopefully in the 1950s and . instead of throwing the new student hard up against a variety of . but if it should be the crass meddling aunt who recites his declaration, so what?

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define i hope not phrase and get synonyms. what is i hope not phrase ? i hope not phrase meaning, pronunciation and more by macmillan .

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adverbs from sentence adverbs , were in use well before the pr century to . be used instead. . think about what they are saying and pick up vogue words.'.

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i hope your life is going smoothly. it would put me at ease, to hear your doing well, when this reaches you. it would please me to here all your troubles are .

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find 1566 synonyms for hopefully and other similar words that you can use instead based on 16 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

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hopefully synonyms and hopefully antonyms. top synonym for hopefully another word for hopefully is i hope.

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1 jan 2010 . a sentential adverb is asked to modify a sentence — instead of . so what if everyone uses hopefully wrong; if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you? but look, if you're not willing to use a non-original meaning of a word, .

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most people use hopefully to mean “it is hoped that,” as in the following sentence: . example 2 illustrates what is considered by some to be the only correct usage of . there is always the option to use i hope or we hope instead of hopefully.