where to buy pvc wall cladding sheets

cookware performance on induction part 3

are fresh herbs so expensive there? here we can buy fresh herbs for 1-2 euro usually, but i grow my own bay leaf, thyme, rosemary and sage. these are winter hard. i only buy parsley - as i use it so often it doesn't make sense to grow parsley myself. i have to cook for a small dinner party next saturday, 8 people in total. will be using the 24

tell me why i am wrong

tri-ply full wall construction, 18/10 stainless, riveted handles, lifetime warranty. less than a third of the cost of allclad even when at full price. only difference from the other two at first glance, made in china. there are a handful of negative reviews of the cuisinart cookware online here and there. mostly seem to be related to the rivets

how much aluminum to equal copper?

it's 8mm thick of sheet aluminum, not cast , and the bases have magnetic steel inserts to make the pots induction capable. the lids are 6mm. the lids are 6mm. i got a 4-qt lyon dutch oven specifically to do long and slow-cooking thick recipes like ketchup and apple butter, figuring that it would be the even-est heat i could get short of a thickness of copper i can't afford .

new viking hard anodized stainless cookware

no, ss cladding is much thicker. for instance, all-clad uses an outer layer of ss in its clad that is 0.41mm thick. this is almost 70x thicker than the anodizing we're talking about. yes, what i call the interposer disk can be just as thin as the outer clad sheet. in most clad the interposer *is* the outer layer. a bottom interposer disk as

cookware advice?

my guess is this is the most common 'quality' cookware used by home cooks and is a good choice in cookware. now we get into brands and sets. again, there are pros and cons to sets, the pro is usually you can purchase a set at a much lower price than piece at a time, the con is you may end up with a piece or more that you don't really need or use.

commercial vs consumer cookware

the final part, the boiler, i thought to use ss because that would last the longest compared to a thin copper sheet metal bucket, i say bucket because those copper boilers for sale are so thin they crush like a beer can and to make a thick walled copper boiler myself it would cost way too much just to buy the thick copper sheeting. i figured a